Left to Right- All That glitters | Ricepaper | Sumptuous Olive | Plum Dressing | Brun | Espresso | Sable | Concrete | Quarry | Satin Taupe | Handwritten

I really like the MAC Pro Palette  because you are able to customise your palette to all your favourite MAC eyeshadows. I have brown eyes and i feel like browns and dark pinks really bring out my eyes. My least favourite colour in this palette is Sumptuous Olive i think this is because it has a gold undertone and really doesn't complement my pale complexion or my dark hair colour very well as it can look quite over whelming on the face. I think the main reason might also be because i don't wear many khaki clothes so i find it hard to pair up this eyeshadow with what i'm wearing resulting in this eyeshadow hardly being used. My favourite colour in this palette would have to be Sable. This is a very lovely brown/ bronze shimmer eyeshadow and looks lovely as a base colour; Plum Dressing applied in the outer corners of the eye really complements this look.


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