For my birthday my mom surprised me with a trip to ESSEX! oh shat ap!
I am such a huge TOWIE fan, it is totally my guilty pleasure! My mom booked the TOWIE which meant i got to visit all the stars shops, in hope that they would be working in them to meet them. The tour lasted 4 hours and i admit it did started to drag with all the travelling around Essex. You don't really get long to visit their shops and it didn't help that no-one on the tour really brought anything, so  they would just give me and my mom dirty looks when we carried on looking round the shop longer! However, it ended up being really really good; i got to meet Amy Child's and my absolute favourite Danielle Armstrong! where i was lucky enough to have my pictures taken with them.

My mom booked us a meal at the Sugar Hut to celebrate my birthday, where we both had a little bit too much to drink, i wore my black deep v plunge dress from boohoo which i absolutely love and i felt a millions dollars in it that night. After having a wonderful meal at the Sugar hut  (i had the lamb shank with a fondant potato.. yumm!) i was then thankful to meet Mike who was the owner of the sugar hut and former TOWIE star. We ended the night with a little dance up in the sugar hut nightclub.
Brentwood is such a great place to visit, great if you are a huge TOWIE fan like me, however there is not really much to do while your their but the TOWIE tour. I would defiantly love to go back and go to the main bit of Essex to explore some more.


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